Musical Finds: Wozniak, Sounds of Sputnik (feat. Ummagma) & The Virgance

0003872016_36New Releases – Albums & Singles – recent & upcoming. Sounds of Sputnik – “Light Scheme Feat. Ummagma ” (single) from the debut album New Born Feat. Ummagma. Release date: November 21, 2014 on Ear to Ear Records. 

“Light Scheme” has a sound that is something much needed in the world right now: hopeful, sunny, and beautiful with soaring vocals and a harmonic tempo that builds and lifts the listener right along on its wave. The two vocalists complement each other totally, in a way that is rare and always a thrill to find. Musically this track reflects the kaleidoscopic sound of this strong debut release New Born, which infuses melodic dream pop, post-rock and shoegaze. Influenced by the greats: Lush, Curve, My Bloody Valentine, and The Jesus and Mary Chain, the collaboration album by Sounds of Sputnik feat. Ummagma have created their own new voice that takes these influences and forms something totally new that holds its own alongside these pioneers. With their own band of “dream noise” these collaborators are poised for greatness.

Also check out:”Blizzard”

“Overdrive feat. Ummagma”

The Virgance – Hiko Shrine – release date January 26, 2015 on Bandcamp, on El Vals del  Conejo.

Hiko Shrine features instrumental shoegaze, dream pop, noise rock & post rock sounds from Nathan Smith, a one-man act out of Suffolk, England with a large musical vocabulary and a large talent. This music is atmospheric, and takes surprising turns through sound experiments that really work. The Virgance’s debut release, 2014’s Lost Continent, is also highly recommended. Lost Continent was recently voted one of the best Shoegaze & Dream Pop Albums of 2014 (at # 16) by Californial’s DKFM Shoegaze Radio. Also check out: Lost Continent (2014)

The Virgance on Bandcamp/ to buy


Wozniak – “Five Star ” (single) – release date November 12, 2014 on Bandcamp, on Morningside Young Team Records

Wozniak’s  “Five Star” is the band’s first release since the acclaimed Pikes Peak EP in 2014 and is the lead off for their next album due in 2015. Wozniak’s sound is fully formed, with a broad scope of musicality and high energy- full of reverb-drenched guitars, fuzzy bass and tenacious drums. This group from Edinburgh has a studied, impressive musical sound, and their eye on pop culture  too (having named another track “Columbo’s car” ) Instruments are layered just so, and the music builds in unexpected and exciting ways. There is a solid place in the Shoegaze landscape for instrumental music this good. It offers something bigger and more contemplative than what a singer could possibly bring to it. Scotland on Sunday has called Wozniak’s music “cinematic but passionate at the same time” which is the exact phrase we were looking for. Also check out: “El Maresme” from Pikes Peak (2014)

Wozniak on Bandcamp / to buy


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