Lend An Ear: Shoegazers we’re listening to – Part 11

Lend An Ear 11By Dave MacIntyre

Here we are at list number 11 and showing no signs of slowing down.  Along the way we have connected with so many fans and artists that have exposed us to new music from this genre and the plethora of sub-genres that stem from it.  Keep the suggestions coming!

This playlist features selections from Femme Accident, Village, Breeze, Tape Waves, Static Daydream,Vulpix, Jennie Vee, Davey van der Mulk, and Creation Myth.  Enjoy!

Author: DISARM

Founded in Toronto, Canada in January 2015, DISARM is 100% Independent Music, film, 80s, 90s, 2000s, culture and art. We cover the Toronto (& Canadian) arts/live music/festival scene, and music scene in U.K., Europe, and U.S. We create original content including exclusive interviews with music artists and writers; articles about music, film/TV, lit, pop culture and media, and original photography from a unique and authentic point of view.

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