Reeves Gabrels – The Cure – “I’m the new guy, so I can still say: wow.” – The Sky Looked as Perfect as Cats.

Billy Bragg –  “After a short break, Joe and I resume our tour tonight in Minneapolis onstage at 7:30 pm. Here’s the story so far.” There is Power in a Union: Billy Bragg & Joe Henry Shine a Light

Peter Hooton – The Farm “A superb review from Sunday.”  The Farm: All Together Now at Shiiine On Weekender

Step On Magazine, now Disarm Magazine, was founded in January 2016 by Dave MacIntyre, a professional photo-journalist with over 10 years of experience in Toronto’s broad and competitive arts and culture scene and his partner, Jacqueline Howell, a journalism and literature graduate, film buff, and media critic raised on the best of film, books, magazines, and documentaries. Together, we’ve published hundreds of original articles on music (mostly) as well as film, TV, art, and culture including reviews, recommendations, live gigs, artist interviews, and long-form culture essays and critical reviews. We also feature an original and exclusive live music / festival and cultural photography archive.

We’ve had stellar feedback from the industry, our subjects, and readers alike. We’ve also created over 30 original music playlists featuring our recommendations of new music and musical discoveries from different genres and eras.

We’ve are created a magazine with 90s values and a traditional level of journalistic quality. Always original, and always authentic.  We only cover bands, festivals, events, art, film, books and other creative works that we are genuine (often life-long) fans of. We are 100% Independent and write with honesty and integrity about the music that defined our generation and the music that will define our current time. What side are you on?.

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Shiiine On Weekender – “A brilliant write up by Disarm Magazine about last weekend’s shenanigans. Give it a read – hits the nail right on the head.”

Will Potter, Cud – “Great pic from Dave MacIntyre from last weekend. Rare to see me stood still #concentrating.” “Good title for a fine review of last weekend’s Shiiine On”  Purple Love Balloon: Our 72 Hour Shiiine On Weekender Diary / 90s Manifesto

Thousand Yard Stare – ” Big love to our Torontonian brothers at Disarm Magazine for a chipper review from Shiiine On Weekender – ‘The lads threatened to blow the roof off the building, firing a relentless slew of guitar driven rock that quickly drew in spectators and packed the room Saturday night.” Thousand Yard Stare Live at Shiiine On Weekender

Horace Panter, The Specials – “No skimping on this interview…thanks guys! Smart photos, too!The Specials Triumph in Toronto at Sold Out Show

Pete Fij, Fij And Bickers / Adorable – “Disarm have a nice review of our show at Shiiine On Weekender, and have come in with the first suggestion for album #2’s title” Shiiine On Weekender Sunday: I Don’t Want to Fade Out, I Want to Fade In

Zoë Howe, Author – “Am absolutely bowled over by this amazing review, courtesy of Jacqueline Howell at the super cool Disarm Magazine.

Julie Janata, Mayor of the Sunset Strip Co-Producer / Editor – “Thank you Disarm, for one of the most thoughtful reviews we’ve read for a film we worked so very hard to craft. Rodney (Bigenheimer) remains an enigma to us all: the prince and the pauper with a heart of gold, a super-tuned ear, and an uncanny knack for introducing his enormously talented friends to one another, sparking magical collaborations that took the world by storm. He’s never been rich or famous, but has helped others become rich and famous around the world. Still, in such a hard-fought business, so many talents have fallen by the wayside. So yes, we believe what you see is as close as any film can get to the heart of Rodney.

Thank you for bringing our film to light again to such an appreciative audience. All the best to you and your readers!” – Mayor of The Sunset Strip: What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been.

The Watchmen – “Well written piece for you Can rock lovers.”  The Watchmen: Life in Stereo (Live Review and Historical Look at One of Canada’s Very Best Bands)

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