Lend An Ear: Shoegazers we’re listening to – Part 15

LendAnEarWe’ve got a new Shoegazer playlist up featuring some pretty amazing songs.  A few of these have been on a looping repeat in the Step On household.  That is when we haven’t been playing Suede songs!

This playlist features Valet, Forsaken Autumn, SeaDance, No Climate, GrowHouse, The Snowy Owls, The Ambient Light, Softt, Eerie Glue, and Rancho Relaxo.


Dave MacIntyre

Lend An Ear: Shoegazers we’re listening to – Part 14

ShoegazersWith all of the awesome bands visiting Toronto of late, we’ve been out and about a lot, so it’s been a little while since we’ve compiled and posted a playlist of Shoegazers that have hit our radar.  This time around, we are featuring Lavender Bush, Indoor Voices, Daydream Cathedral, Beliefs, Lowtide, Echo Lake, Death of the Author, The Stargazer Lilies, Hazy Mountains, and Brilliant Beast.

Enjoy the playlist and be sure to check out all of the featured bands’ SoundCloud pages to hear even more great music.

Dave MacIntyre

Lend An Ear: Shoegazers we’re listening to – Part 13

Lend An Ear 13Another terrific playlist of Shoegaze, Dream Pop, Nugaze, and Noise for your listening pleasure and once again, recommended to you by Phil Locke. (Also see Part 12 for more of Phil’s selections).  This playlist features Eros and the Eschaton, Curelight Wounds, Jetman Jet Team, The History of Apple Pie, Roku  Music, Coaltar of the Deepers, Noir For Rachel, Salsa Cinderella, TuT, and Medicine.

Lend An Ear: Shoegazers we’re listening to: Part 12

Lend An Ear Part 12We have a great new playlist of Shoegaze, Dream Pop and Noise bands for your listening pleasure.  This time around, the selections have been suggested entirely by our very own Shoegaze aficionado and Step On writer Phil Locke!

On this playlist you’ll find The Lees of Memory, SPC ECO, Hot Glass, The History of Colour TV, We Need Secrets, Hammock, Crimsonettes, I Am Your Captain, Tokyo Shoegazer, and Slowness.

Lend An Ear: Shoegazers we’re listening to – Part 11

Lend An Ear 11By Dave MacIntyre

Here we are at list number 11 and showing no signs of slowing down.  Along the way we have connected with so many fans and artists that have exposed us to new music from this genre and the plethora of sub-genres that stem from it.  Keep the suggestions coming!

This playlist features selections from Femme Accident, Village, Breeze, Tape Waves, Static Daydream,Vulpix, Jennie Vee, Davey van der Mulk, and Creation Myth.  Enjoy!

Lend An Ear: Shoegazers we’re listening to – Part 10

Lend An Ear 10

By Dave MacIntyre

Off to the races with another playlist of the Shoegazers we’re listening to.  This one features Kigo, Elastic Sleep, Penguin Airways, My Red Dress, Sonic Masala, Toronto’s own Programm, Versus People, Venera 4, Dead Rabbits, and The Yellow Traffic Light.  Enjoy!

Lend An Ear: Shoegazers we’re listening to – Part 9


By Dave MacIntyre

A fresh list of some of the finest Shoegaze, Dream Pop, Nugaze and Noise curated from SoundCloud.  Part 9 features some truly incredible finds including Bad Apes, Drape, Lush Purr, Afraid of Stairs, The Bilinda Butchers, Young Lovers, Lights That Change, 17years, Cochlear Kill, and Neon Comet.

A big thanks to all of you that listen, like and share the playlists!

Lend An Ear: Shoegazers we’re listening to – Part 8

Shoegazers8By Dave MacIntyre

Back again with another playlist chock full of some of the finest Shoegaze, Dream Pop, Nugaze, and Noise found on SoundCloud.  This list features Secret Shine, Snow In Mexico, Echodrone, Crisis Arm, Woodsman, Witness 9, Strata Florida, Mermaids, Hexagrams, White Glow, and My Invisible Friend.  So sit back, let it play and enjoy!  If you like what you hear, please share and follow the artists on SoundCloud and Facebook.  Comments are also welcome.

Lend An Ear: Shoegazers we’re listening to – Part 7

Shoegazers7By Dave MacIntyre

The ongoing search for the best of the best Shoegaze, Nugaze, Dream Pop and Noise bands continues with Step On Magazine’s 7th playlist of the series.  Some of these bands have been mentioned and highlighted in past articles (and will surely be mentioned again), and some are newly discovered. .  Listen, enjoy, and follow the bands on SoundCloud and Facebook!



Lend An Ear: Shoegazers we’re listening to – Part 6

Shoegazers6By Dave MacIntyre

Back with list number 6 of the Shoegazers you should know about playlist!  This one features some of the incredible artists featured on the Revolution: The Shoegaze Revival album featured in our preview HERE, as well as a bunch of new ones we have found or have been recommended to us.  Enjoy!


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