Co-founding Editor, Principal Photographer & Photo/Music Editor

Dave MacIntyre

Dave has built a large live music portfolio over the past decade providing original live photography (and writing) for numerous publications in Canada and the U.S. including Pop Matters,, Soundproof Magazine, Lithium Magazine, Now Weekly (Toronto), Pitchfork, and more. Dave creates our live music photo galleries as well as manages extensive music festival coverage for DISARM Magazine, identifies emerging bands for features, and curates original playlists of new music.

Co-founding Editor, Features Editor, Culture Editor

Jacqueline Howell

Jacqueline has combined graduate-level studies in literature, journalism, and post-colonial studies with a lifelong reader’s passion for the culture beat as co-founder of DISARM Magazine. Her focus is the formative (and often underrated) influential and still essential music of the 80s and 90s as well as new movements in music, film, art and culture, along with media and music criticism.  Jacqueline co-leads the editorial focus of the magazine with authentic, relevant, and one-hundred percent independent reporting free of advertising, industry, and marketing agendas.

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