Spor remixes The Prodigy’s “Nasty”….and it’s pretty NASTY

Photo:  Spor Facebook Page
Photo: Spor Facebook Page

Jon Gooch has released a drum and bass remix of The Prodigy’s “Nasty” under his D&B moniker Spor.  The English producer has announced a handful of UK live gigs for February and March.  Step On will be watching closely to see if Spor crosses the pond to bring his Nasty bit of business to Toronto.

Photo: Spor Facebook page
Photo: Spor Facebook page

Check out the remix here:

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The Prodigy. Nasty.

The Day is My Enemy – March 30th 2015

NME pitch
Dearest NME….we’re asking you nicely, for now.

Waste time at work:

Prodigy on Facebook

Prodigy Webpage

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